NEW SINGLE “Lost My Words” digital Release on 2021.12.11

2021.12.11(sat) NEW single “Lost My Words” will be on  digital release!

Lost my words


I can’t find any of it but my mouth trying spitting out
The only thing I hear myself is
“Stoned and Sorrow.”

Music Video

Jimanica’s new tune “Lost my words” featured Japanese singer Ibuki Takai and MV directed by 2bit and Ayumu Nagamatsu. 

Named an ACID ELECTRONICA, watch and get stoned!

Will be releasing 2021.12.11 on subscriptions!

Jimanica名義での約1年ぶりにリリースされるシングル『Lost My Words』。ゲストボーカルに気鋭のSSW高井息吹を迎え、MVの製作をプログラマー2bitとCGクリエイター永松 歩が担当。


2021年12月11日 各サブスクリンプションにて配信リリース!

Vocal by Ibuki Takai 高井息吹

Drums, edited and produced by Jimanica

Mixed and mastering by Jimanica

Music Video

Director, Programmer: 2bit

Editor, Programmer: Ayumu Nagamatsu 永松歩